Monday, February 2, 2009

Left-over Ham

This recipe was cooking lesson #3, and it is yummy!

1/2 cup wine
1/2 cup water
a bay leaf
3 cloves
slices of left over ham, with fat on them
brown sugar

  1. Add first 4 ingredients to a medium sauce pan and reduce to half.
  2. Remove bay leaf and cloves
  3. Brown slices of ham in their own fat.
  4. Powder with brown sugar.
  5. Turn ham and brown other side.
  6. Put ham in shallow baking dish.
  7. In a separate pan put large piece of butter and let brown.
  8. Add 1.5 Tablespoons flour and let burn (yes it wants you to char it a bit).
  9. Add 3/4 wine and water gradually to make a roux.
  10. Pour roux over ham and heat in the oven.

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