Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Carrot Cake

I made a fantastic carrot cake for Easter this year. I made it from this awesome cook book.

I have had great success with the cakes in this book. This carrot cake was special, and not just because it was yummy and for Easter. One reason it was special was that ALL five of us had a part in making it. Another special reason was that we all did it the Amish way - no electricity was used until the oven!
I thought I had all the pictures uploaded, but apparently I don't. Sorry. I will get the recipe up when I have the photos. I encourage you to go buy this book - a nice thing to grace your shelves!
Here's a parting shot - Yes that's Laney at the Easter table with us - it was so good that after dinner, when everyone else left the table, I shamelessly sat there and ate it straight out of the baking dish.