Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Kitchen Bookshelf - recommended reading

Having a good bibliography is important to me. These are a collection of some of our favorite books on cooking. This post will be updated over time.

* Our rehearsal dinner was held in North Stonington, Connecticut at a historic colonial farm who's restaurant has since closed. Randall's Ordinary was the kitchen of this landmark inn and restaurant. We bought the book of their original recipes and use it all the time.

Kafka, Barbara; Roasting a Simple Art

Kafka, Barbara; Soup - a Way of Life

Kafka, Barbara;Vegetable Love

McEachern, Leslie; The Angelica Home Kitchen; this is the cookbook made by hands down my favorite restaurant in Manhattan. It also happens to be vegan. I took my Mom there once and she loved it, until she couldn't get a cup of coffee after hear meal. I still chuckle at that memory. Their baked tofu recipe is our in house standard and the kids as for it all the time.

Older, Julia and Sherman, Steve; The Ultimate Soup Book, I gave this book to Mom on Christmas of 1992.

Pollan, Michael; The Omnivore's Dilemma - A Natural History of Four Meals

Roberts, Cokie; Founding Mothers - The Women who Raised our Nation, this book was given to me by my brother-in-law. It's quite relevant, even though I have not finished it. From the dedication, "The women in my family, particularly my mother, who told the stories we can history".

Rombauer, Irma and Marion, The Joy of Cooking, this is the most indispensable book int he bookshelf!

Schlosser, Eric; Fast Food Nation