Sunday, October 26, 2008


Cheese is a staple in my house. I am a self proclaimed fromagophile and will make a meal out of cheese if I have no one to cook for. My daily lunch is a cheese sandwich, with mayo, tomato, and lettuce, on Rye bread. A grilled cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup has long been my comfort food, offered by my mother when I was a young girl. I recently learned that the real word for one that loves cheese is a turophile. I don't think it has the same ring as fromagophile. Cheese is the most versatile product in the kitchen and is a valuable tool in many recipes. I think cheese is the unsung hero of diversity and I hope one day to be a cheese maker, from the milk of my own goats. For this reason, and artisan cheese holds a special place in my heart. I highly recommomend the book The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese. I am sure there will be cheese recipes to follow because winter is coming which means fondue and raclette are just around the corner!

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