Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pickled Red Onions

As part of the April Food in Jars Challenge, I added two quick pickles to the fridge. Having tried and loved the hot water bath pickled red onions, I felt comfortable with the "Put 'Em Up" quick pickle version (haven't tried them yet).

One of my Favorite Pickling books. 

Put 'Em Up is by far one of my favorite canning books. The Curried Cauliflower is to die for! When I decided to use this recipe, I realized that I could easily just switch the vinegars and put together a nice batch of pickled sweet peppers that will be a great addition to Grilled Cheese sandwiches (which they are!).

I am very tempted to make this potato salad on the same page. Yum!

For my red onions, I followed the recipe to a T.

They look so much better now that they have been sitting in the fridge for a while. I still have yet to try  them but have mu sights set on some tuna salad!
As for the pickled peppers, I replaced almost all of the red vinegar with white vinegar. These are really yummy especially on a grilled cheese sandwich. 

 Yummy Pickles!

As a post note - A Farmgirl Dabbles posted a recipe for this in May 2017 so I thought I should add it to this post. Pickled Red Onions

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