Monday, April 24, 2017

Vegetable Stock

All winter I have been saving every vegetable scrap from the kitchen and freezing it instead of composting it. I did so for the purpose of making stock. This was probably one of the more sustainable things I have ever done. It was a good use of time and to get myself primed for using my pressure canner more often.

See that there thing on the left freaks me out!

All those gauges and buttons and rules and stuff make me cringe. It makes me want to whimper in a corner and cry for my Mommy. The hot water bath is just SO MUCH EASIER!

Frankly, pressure canners bring back a bad memory from high school when a poorly sealed espresso maker exploded in the kitchen. The bang and his caused most of us to hit the floor. I don't know that I've ever entirely recovered.

Here's the 3 Quarts of Vegetable Stock going into the pressure canner.

Here they are coming out. Just noticing it, but how the heck did my lid get such a dent in it?

These 6 pints are waiting to go in. Voila! They are done! 3 quarts and 6 pints worth from roughly 3 freezer bags full of scraps.

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