Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Raclette Machine

This is my Raclette machine. It's so old it's retro and I love it. HiHo's kitchen was an orange yellow theme - so 1970's. This machine was a wonderful addition to their wonderful culinary traditions. It's likely one of the many reason's I adore cheese.

Raclette is a cheese, specifically a Swiss cheese that is the focal point of a wonderful apres-ski meal.

Ham (frizzled with some grainy mustard)
cubed and roast potatoes
cocktail onions

There's not necessarily I process to follow, but more of a tradition. So, since many raclette machines are different and even allow for independent self-service, I advise you to google the meal, follow this link, or come on over to my house while I still have some cheese! :D

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