Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garro's Egg Nog

This Eggnog is legendary! There are countless stories out there from the numerous people that have consumed this on Christmas Eve at our house. Please, if you have a memory to share, leave a comment and share a story.

Also, don't question the measurements - they are tried and true.

75 oz eggnog
25 oz. whiskey
12.5 oz rum
12.5 oz brandy
3 oz. meyers

1. Reserve plastic milk jugs to store egg nog in.
2. Combine ingredients.
3. Make a nutmeg ice ring, placing water and ground nutmeg in a bunt pan, and place in freezer.
4. When ready, place Eggnog and ice ring in punch bowl.
5. Establish your designated driver, and drink accordingly.

1 comment:

SPuD said...

I had to marry you to get that recipe! You better hope you Dad does not suddenly become Mr. Internet Savvy and start cruising eggnog'd be in deep trouble. lovume