Sunday, January 8, 2012

Five favorite things

This is our family dinner late Saturday night. It was a gastronomic epicure of sorts as we when hip to hip with each of us cooking parts of the dinner. We started late, maybe around 6, after returning from an afternoon hockey game an hour away. I focused on a hearty bacon begun vegetable rich ale infused cheddar cheese soup. Recipe to follow. SP made a almond encrusted pork tenderloin, salad, and croutons.

Thank you to SP, my favorite thing.
Thank you for bringing such love into my kitchen, the fun and the excitement to try and explore and play with food. Thanks for the kitchen filled with music and laughter, dancing and singing, for the food facts, random Anthony Bourdain references, and subtle innuendos.
Thanks for the kids too, who not only made it to 8, but all loved the meal, ate the soup and were happy. Smiles all around. I love you my family!

The aftermath of my plate.

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