Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Simple Fried Chicken

4 rinsed, boneless, skinless, thinly-filleted chicken breasts

3 eggs, scrambled in their own bowl

2 cups Panko flakes, and a bread pan, tossed with:
1 T Basil
1 T Oregano
a generous pinch of salt

olive oil, enough to cover 1/4" of pan of choice

  1. Prepare chicken according to directions and set aside on a plate.
  2. Heat oil in pan you will fry chicken in. Oil is ready when, small amount of water flicked off finger, sizzles into pan.
  3. Submerge one chicken piece in egg mixture.
  4. Drip off and then dredge into Panko mixture.
  5. Drop chicken piece flat side down into hot oil pan.
  6. Fry, flipping once, until finished. Keep warm in oven if you need to fry a second batch.
  7. Serve with a side salad, or a garnish of Ranch Dressing.
*Also very good as a "Second Day Salad" (recipe to follow).

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