Sunday, March 12, 2017

Salt Preserved Egg Yolks

As part of my Food in Jars Challenge 2017, I ventured into the world of salt preservation with a potentially risky endeavor of egg yolk preservation. After dividing six egg yolks and whites, I nestled 6 raw egg yolks in salt for 6 weeks in the out door refrigerator.

So out came the muffin pan to gently remove the egg yolks.


 The egg yolks had a firm yet tack feel, kind of like the inside of a sour patch kid or a gummy bear. We then needed to gently brush off the salt. The only brush I could find was a basting brush but it worked surprisingly well.  

In respect to having limited time before dinner, I asked SP to lend a hand to the process.

In his excitement, he got a little over zealous and six egg yolks became five, when one landed in the garbage.

They were then carefully wrapped in cheese cloth ...

and set out to hang for two weeks in the fridge.
 But I couldn't help first taking a picture of their beautiful translucent glowing color.

Here they rest in the door of our fridge until the Pasta party on March 19th. Can't wait!

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