Friday, April 8, 2016

Indian Dinner Mashup from Inspirallized and Monsoon Spice

On a recent maple syrup Saturday I planned a vegetarian Indian feast. There were three recipes I made so it was quite a bit of a mash up. I absolutely failed at one recipe so I turned it into a soup, or  maybe it was more of a mash, either way it really tasted wonderful!

Unfortunately, you can't see that absolutely amazing spiralized carrots with Tandoori chickpeas from Inspiralized. I switched the recipe up a bit by serving it all cold. It was the first dish I made that day so it rested in the fridge for quite some time. I really liked the Tahini sauce as well. Please click the Inspiralized link to follow the recipe. I highly recommend it.

Thanks to dear Abbeth who made my paneer, I gladly made this Mattar Paneer Kurma from Monsoon spice. It is in the pot to the right and is far tastier than it looked in my picture. The funniest thing is I am only now realizing that I forgot to add the peas. DUH!

And then there was the mess up, I mean the mash up. I don't know if I can blame operator error, dyslexia, or a confusing recipe. The way the ingredients were broken down at the beginning, didn't seem to match the directions and I wanted to rewrite it but I don't have the time right now. It was a Monsoon Spice recipe for Vegan Beetroot Kofta Curry. I will revisit this recipe, I promise, but it will be done with care and maybe another set of eyes without other dishes being spun around.

With that said I did find another beetroot Kofta Curry recipe that I will try first. It is from Cook with Manali and I would like to compare the two.

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