Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Weekend in June Party Food post

Our Last Weekend in June party was last weekend, and it was a bonanza of fun as usual. It seemed there was non stop talking, laughing, eating, playing, drinking, cavorting, croqueting, happiness for all! I don't have any new recipes to share, but many photos of food, and the links to those recipes. Without further explanation of the bonanza, here goes a new take on my blog. It all began with the girl's days and a lovely lunch with La. This Salad was yummy and a perfect use of our fresh local strawberries. The picture doesn't do it justice.

While we dined on this gloriousness, the tweens had bagel sandwiches.
Have you ever seen a bagel sandwich this ridiculous?

Look close - closer - yes, there IS a chicken patty in there.
Now, look at the size of that tomato slice!? Laughter - lots of laughter.
Food - lots of food - endless eating.

You want to know what the best midnight snack with your husband is?

Take my word for it, try it some time! :D

Lunch on Saturday was this most amazing salad from Tasty Kitchen.
It is a grilled salad with a Strawberry Balsamic reduction.
Here are two photos -
plated before
and after the reduction is added.

Then there was the Saturday Shmorgazborg!

Among many grilled things already eaten pictured here are: Home made Russet French Fries Mark's Cod Cakes - did I never get that recipe up??? Must inquire with the authorities :D Pioneer Woman's Fancy Macaroni - with and extra 1/3 lb shredded Gruyere and some lumps goat cheese sprinkled on top. A spinach and veggie salad with more of the Strawberry Balsamic reduction
and we must not forget the 3 (high maintenance) beer can chickens (earlier photo used)

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