Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Chive Vinegar

I was excited to find a vendor selling bunches of chive blossoms last weekend. It made a delightful arrangement for the kitchen counter, bringing edible spring inside. My own chives haven't blossomed yet, in fact look so weak and pathetic I wonder if I should move them to a different flower bed. I hope that they will bloom this year after allowing that specific flower bed to get totally weeded over last year.

I recently stumbled upon a Pinterest pin for chive vinegar that I promptly added to my sustainability board. The recipe from Vegetarian Ventures was simple, straight forward, and offered an exciting trial for a new vinegar for me. I didn't waste much time (well I waited a day and made sure the garden had been second planted) before making Chive Vinegar because of their post.

 The recipe is simple and all you need is chive blossoms, vinegar (either white or champagne) and a mason jar with a lid. Cut the blossoms off, pack them into a jar,  cover with vinegar, put a lid on it, give it a shake, and put it on a windowsill giving it a good shake once a day.

I loved how the cut stems looked all stacked together. My favorite part was the realization that all those stems could go into our freezer bag for making stock.

See how clear the vinegar starts out?

Well after one day (and two shakes):

Isn't that beautiful? I am getting rather excited about it. Each day I come home it is a richer color and I want to find tiny bottles that I can distill the vinegar into for gifts!

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